Super Flex Enterprises Corporation (SFE Corp.) has been several decades in Taiwan since 1993 which is the major manufacturer and sales in the high quality expansion joints (including anti-vibration devices) and flexible hoses.  Our products are suitable for the compensation of vibrating offset and expansion motion in a piping system.  Also, we have the rigid R & D team offering professional comments relative to equipment installation in an improving piping system.  All design rules and manufacturing criteria of expansion joints are based on the standards of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association (EJMA).  Most products have certificated from SGS product evaluation.  In addition, the specifications of flexible hoses obtain US FM Approvals and National Fire Agency of Taiwan.  For keeping the better service and higher quality products to our customers, SFE Corp has enlarged its production lines and more cooperated with local supplying companies in order to hold a stable supply chain in parts or raw materials with the required quality.  MIT (Made In Taiwan) is our slogan.


These famous solutions in various applications, for example, sprinkler hose for clean rooms, fire-fighting systems, water service piping systems, and so on.  Therefore, our success customers, including Taipei 101 Tower, National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH), Taiwan High Speed Rail, Taipei Metro, Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation, and Taoyuan International Airport MRT are enjoying our great team service in engineering technique.  Not also in the above mentioned cases and national constructions are concerned by us, like CPC and Taiwan Power Corp or public traffic plans from Taiwan government, but also these factories of international corporations, like HTC, UMC, Quanta Computer, Innolux Corporation, AU Optronics Corp (AUO), are used to our quick response in customer needs.  Moreover, SFE Corp is one of important suppliers to the traditional enterprises, e.g., Formosa Petrochemical Corporation (FPCC), Dairen Chemical Corporation (DCC), ChangChun Petrochemical Corporation, and China Steel Corporation (CSC).  Continuous development, excellent quality, prompt delivery and customers' satisfaction are the main target to SFE Corp., and we now expend our service zoom to Mainland China, Việt Nam, and the regions of Southeast Asia and Africa.