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現代科技對高品質管路系統 的需求,經常要使用高、低 溫流體介質,因而促使不 鋼防震及伸縮接頭的使用益 形重要.....
商佑企業股份有限公司專業從事 不袗防震接頭(Stainless Steel Flexible Joint)、不袗伸縮接頭 (Stainless Steel Expansion Joint)、不袗軟管(Hose) ....
Vibration Isolator
Vibration isolator Introduction

Vibration isolator is mainly for energy absorbing to decrease shock and noise from the equipment. It can be installed in any kind of equipment to avoid vibrated damages toward piping systems, equipment or structure.

The advantage of the product is compact and easy to install. The spring deflections are divided into 25mm, 40mm and 50mm, and because of lower nature frequency design, it can increase anti-vibrated efficiency. After heat treatment, the spring surface is painted with powder coating, and it can add P.P case to extend its service life. The product provides high safety for it can add seismic snubber when meeting with earthquakes to avoid equipment deflection.



Flexible Sprinkler h
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Flexible Hose of Sprinkler System

According to just like as clean circumstances for modern high-building, high-quality technical and hospital, our company has developed " SP-L" stainless steel flexible sprinkling hose. "SP-L" excels in workability, saving time and cost to substitute the traditional method of execution for process like as complex measure size, cutting pipe, when lathe connect and binding. It excels in strength and flexibility to have high-pressure resistance by fire protection pipelines' demand for high flexibility and vibration-proof at ceiling.
Stainless Steel Flex


Stainless Steel Flexible Join
Absorbing in vibration and noise which making by pumps, compressors, engines, burners etc. The expansion joint must be set as close as possible to the soured of vibration to exclude the oscillation equipment. Bellows is with same elastic as spring in elastic. The smaller the modulus of elastic, the greater the ability of absorbing vibration. Bellows is possessed of very smooth curve and the even thickness. So the modulus of elastic is very small. That is why bellows can absorb the vibration perfectly.


Other Expansion Join
Other Expansion Joint

Teflon Expansion Joint
  Teflon expansion joints are used for corrosive applications when other materials are inappropriate. They are available in 2 Convolution, 3 Convolution and 5 Convolution models, with varying amounts of allowed movement. Is use for high-corrosion chemical -petrochemical systems, abrasive industrial process piping systems, power generation and waste water treatment plants.
Stainless steel rectangular expansion
  For low pressure ducts in pollution control, flues, engine and boiler exhausts and gas recovery apparatus.
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